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Principle of Treatment

Final position of your teeth is planned in PC programme on the basis of teeth digital scan, as well as the way how to reach this position the most safely and as fast as possible. The difference between the default and final position is divided in many sub-steps. We make a pair of transparent thin foils – first for the upper and the second for lower jaw. These foils adhere on the teeth tightly and move with them by gentle pressure. Teeth are moved into the new position after approximately 10 days of wearing pair of the foils and then you take the next pair, which continue right in the previous point. The number of foils and thus the duration of treatment is determined by relevancy of orthodontic defect. The total duration of treatment is quite similar to classic fixed braces one.

Pros and Cons

  • PROS

    Esthetics. The braces are almost invisible and when there is a need you can always take them off temporary.

    Predictability. You can see how your teeth will be looking after the treatment on our 3D digital model.

    Maximal comfort. There is nothing to hinder or impede. The braces are smooth and copy the surface of the teeth.

    Easy oral hygiene. You can take braces off and brush your teeth by standard way.

    No specific food restriction. Unlike the fixed braces, you don’t have to worry about what you eat. You just easily take braces off and after the meal put them on again.

    Less medical checks. You will be visiting us once cca per 2-3 months.

    Treatment doesn’t hurt. In contrast with classic braces, the treatment with Invisalign is practically painless.

  • CONS

    Necessity of cooperation in treatment. If you don’t wear the braces, they won’t work. Unlike the fixed braces, it’s more about you.

    Limited indication. The invisible braces cannot solve everything. In some of the cases, it’s more appropriate to use the classic fixed braces. We will tell you, if the invisible braces are suitable for you during the first consultation.

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Before Start

We find out if braces Invisalign could solve your situation and also explain how braces work during the first consultation. Except that, we tell you how much time will treatment approximately takes and it’s cost as well.

Followed by the initial examination, during which we get all the information needed for braces production, including photos, x-rays and digital scan of your teeth, which we do right on our clinic instead of classic imprints. We recommend to visit your dentist in order to control the dental caries before the initial examination.

We plan the whole treatment in PC programme (based on the digital scan) within few days – the intended result will be like to demonstrated to you. If there are more variants possible, we like to help you to choose the most appropriate one. When both sides are satisfied with planned result, we let make the braces for you.

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Process of Treatment

Planning the treatment, producing the foils and their delivery into the surgery takes approximately about 6 weeks since your first attendance. The beginning of treatment starts with next visit – we stick so called attachments on some of your teeth – attachment is a small stump (tip) in color of tooth, which increase the efficiency of the foils and also speed up the treatment. You will get the first pair of foils and we show you how to use them properly.

Medical check-ups are approximately once per 2-3 months. The total duration of treatment depends on the relevancy of defect and eventual use of accelerated orthodontics. In majority of cases it takes between the 6 to 18 months. When there is some problem at the end of the treatment, there is a possibility to produce additional set of foils. You don’t have to pay for them – they are free!

In the moment, when we are satisfied with the result, we take off attachments mentioned above and stick so called fixed retainer on the upper and lower frontal teeth – It’s thin wire, which serves to stabilization of the state. It should be obvious part of last phase of orthodontic treatment, along with the flexible night braces. This part is common for all kinds of orthodontic treatment, thus also for fixed braces and braces Invisalign.

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Does it work?
Yes, it does! Braces Invisalign are used in the world of orthodontics for many years. The history of Invisalign dates back to 1997. It take some years, before the braces were practically approved. More than 230 world patents and bilions investment from Invisalign made the great alternative to fixed braces, which already helped more than 4 milions of patients across the world.

How much does treatment cost?
The price of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign depends on the relevancy of the defect. In major cases, price is in the range from 40.000 to 95.000 Kč. Total price will be communicated before the start of the treatment. There is a possibility to divide the payment into the parts or eventually defer the payment due.

Are there any alternatives?
There are many alternatives to braces Invisalign nowadays, which are connected in the same point – relatively non-successful effort to imitate original Invisalign system. Laic usually cannot know the difference. The difference often become known during the treatment itself, when it’s too late, too difficult and expensive to interrupt the treatment and start differently. Right for this reason, we don’t support other systems in our surgery.

We are offering the 5 years guarantee on the treatment in the cooperation with Invisalign now. Details will be liked to explain within the first initial consultation.